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Flexibility Expertise

Helping you to get ahead in smart and flexible work

If you need some help to take forward a flexible or smart working programme, who better to ask than the people who have been ahead of the game for nearly 20 years?

The three key areas where we can provide expertise are in advising & analysis, events & training, writing & research.

Any job can be as extensive as the client requires.  However, to be as transparent as possible, we offer well-defined services with prices as far as we can in the sections below.

For public sector organisations, it is useful to know that many of these services can come in significantly below thresholds for tendering, and are ideal for preparing the ground for larger implementation projects with any supplier or your in-house teams.

Advising & Analysis

Events & Training

Writing and Research

Here is a summary of services.  All prices are exclusive of VAT and expenses (e.g. travel expenses if applicable).

Advising & Analysis

Low Cost Smart Working Opportunity Audit

A Smart Working Opportunity Audit is an initial scoping and analysis exercise to help you decide how to take forward smart or flexible working in your organisation.

It involves:

  • assessing the current extent and limitations of existing initiatives in smart, agile or flexible working - including investigating reasons why any current projects may not be delivering the benefits
  • evaluating the opportunities to achieve measurable business benefits through new ways of working
  • provide recommendations on the way forward across the people, property and technology functions.

The process involves stakeholder interviews and evaluation of existing data, strategies and policies within the organisation.

The price range for this service is from 4.5k.

Policy Review

Many organisations are recognising that they have policies that need to be 'upgraded' as smart working is developed and flexible working moves from the fringes to the mainstream.

Our guidance will help you develop the right policies in the context of your organisation for a positive and strategic approach to flexible working: flexibility as normal rather than as exception.

  • Review only: c2000
  • Review and Rewrite: c3500

Smart Working Strategy

We can work with you to develop your Smart Working strategy, developing the Vision, Smart Working principles, leadership messages and policies.

We work with you to develop an integrated strategy, helping your teams in HR, Property, Facilities and IT to work together and modify their strategies to support new ways of working.

Flexibility.co.uk is vendor neutral, and can work with in-house teams and third-party suppliers as necessary.  There is a strong emphasis on knowledge transfer.  Developing Smart Working is not a one-off event or quick fix, so it is important to organisations to develop their in-house capabilities to roll out the changes across the whole organisation.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Events & Training

Management Workshops

Andy Lake has been running workshops for managers about new ways of working since the mid 1990s.

These fall into the following areas:

  • Management awareness-raising - bringing managers up to speed on the benefits and issues around Smart Working
  • Managing teams and performance in the context of Smart Working
  • Developing a Smart Working culture.

Prices can vary according to the level of preparation required (e.g. to customise to particular client requirements). 

The basic rate however is 750 for a half day workshop with up to 15 people, or 1200 for whole-day workshop.

In-house Seminars

We can run in-House Seminars along the lines of our Flexibility Seminars to provide insights into the new world of work.

These differ from the workshops in that they will have a larger audience and a number of external speakers presenting 'how to' sessions and case studies. We put together the programme and find the best speakers to meet our requirements.

In some cases these have involved a number of partner organisations in an area joining together to look at the issues and options.

On the basis that a host organisation provides the venue and the catering, prices for this start at 5k.

1 to 1 Training or Mentoring

Supporting the implementation of Smart Working takes people into new and sometimes unfamiliar territory.

With our extensive knowledge of implementations across sectors, we can provide support on best practice and help you deal with challenging issues that might emerge.

And we can also advise on developing the right levels and methods of support.

Please contact us for details and options.

Speaking at your event

Andy Lake is a frequent speaker at conferences on new ways of working, getting very high ratings from delegates for the quality of the content and entertaining style of delivery.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We work with e-Work.com, the global experts in e-learning for smart working.  Their modules are several steps above other offerings in the market for quality, up-to-date content, usability for learners and customisability.

We work with UK and European clients to tailor the solution to their particular needs. You can find out more on our e-Work e-learning pages.

We can arrange an online demonstration and discussion about your particular needs to determine the best solution and price.

Writing and Research

Your own Smart Work Handbook

In response to popular demand, we can customise the Smart Working Handbook for internal use in your organisation, to include your own case studies, protocols, policy references, technology and facility options, etc.

Prices for this are from 3000 depending on the level of customisation agreed.

Commissioned Writing

We can provide copy for newspapers, magazines, websites and in-house publications on issues to do with the new world of work and the impacts of new ways of working on society.

Our pricing is based on NUJ rates - please contact us to discuss your proposed feature.

Syndicated Writing

We are often asked for permission to reprint articles from Flexibility.co.uk.  For commercial purposes we will ask for a fee.  For educational purposes, especially short extracts, we may not.

Please contact us to discuss.

Bespoke Research

Flexibility has a long track record of collaboration in innovative research.  This is often in the field of the impacts of new ways of working on business, the economy, society, land use and transport.

We work with government departments, academic institutions, partner organisations like the Live/Network to produce leading edge research, based on robust evidence, that bridge the gaps between the research, practitioner and public policy communities.

Research studies have been supported by government departments and other government bodies and by private sector organisations and consortia.

We are happy to be approached both to undertake research and to be a partner in research project in this field.

Attached Expert Services

We have also participated in numerous international research projects as providing expert services in the field of smart/flexible working and their wider impacts.

Examples include:

  • The EU-funded Smart Economic Growth project, where we acted as attached expert to the UK partners, providing expertise on Smart Organisations and Smart use of space (www.segproject.eu)
  • The STELLA project - an EU/US project looking at transport futures, our role being in the field of the impacts of new ways of working on transport.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.






A smart working workshop session









Specialist writing - the
Smart Working Handbook






























Leading edge and highly readable research on the new wave of third-party workspace -
the Workhubs study













The nature and impacts of Live/Work property is examined in Tomorrow's Property Today, produced in conjunction with the Royal Town Planning Institute and Live/Work Network






The EU Smart Economic Growth project




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