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A better use of space at English Heritage

Flexibility in half the space

Creating a modern working environment to facilitate flexible working has enabled English Heritage to consolidate two floors into one while serving the same number of staff.  This transformation will deliver a saving of £1million within 5 years and has produced a return on investment in less than 12 months.

And according to Andrew Brown, Regional Director of English Heritage, “The office is brighter, friendlier and altogether a better place to work.”

The requirements

The office set up was a traditional layout over two floors in a 1970s office building, and felt cramped.  A new approach was needed to the property strategy to improve the cost effectiveness of buildings. 

The opportunity was taken to design a new working environment to support cultural and organisational developments, and in particular to support greater collaboration between teams.

The solution

English Heritage engaged flexible working specialists Peoplespace to design a new working environment.  The solution involved:

  • Creating a dual purpose hot desking and team meeting area
  • Major rationalisation of storage, and new high density space efficient storage solutions
  • Personal mobile storage units (‘puppies’)
  • Introduction of library reference zone and breakout meeting area
  • Centralisation and rationalisation of printers, with copiers and other equipment accommodated within focal point ‘hub’ design features
  • Introduction of shared layout surfaces for large drawings
  • making use of a mix of new and existing furniture

The result is a working environment that supports greater mobility in the office, improves team collaboration and supports the progressive introduction of new ways  working.






“The office is brighter, friendlier and altogether a better place to work.”






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