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Smart & Flexible Working

Headline articles on the new world of work

As you can see from the links on the left, we are classifying our resources by flexible topic - like Flexible Location, Flexible Time, and so forth.

Some of our articles, however, cover a range of flexible work styles, and we include them in this "general" section.

Articles in this section:

Wordcloud for Flexible Working terms

This new kind of working - what should we call it?

What's in a name? This extract taken from Smart Flexibility looks at the pros and cons of terms such as flexible working, smart working, agile working and all the rest.

Woman reluctant to change

A positive way to pre-empt resistance to change

In the second part of our mini-series on dealing with resistance to change, Andy Lake proposes 10 practical steps to take positive control of influencing culture and behaviours in a Smart Working implementation programme.

Man with binoculars looking forward

The year ahead for Smart & Flexible Working

'The future is here - it's just unevenly distributed.' We take our annual look at what lies ahead in the world of smart and flexible working, and see it as a year of necessary catch-up for organisations that are lagging behind the leading edge. 

Want a fight? - Resistance to change

Ten things I hate about change ...

Changes to working practices and working culture always provoke some resistance.  And as Smart and Flexible Working involve changes to workplaces, technologies and behaviours, there is always a risk of hitting a nerve. Here we take a look at ten of the most common reasons given, and how to deal with them .

Smart Work ergonomics

Smart Work ergonomics

Closing a building and letting your employees roam free is just the beginning of good workplace practices, not the end. Guy Osmond of Osmond ergonomics offers 10 simple rules to ensure mobile, homeworking and hub-working staff are fit, healthy and following ergonomic best practice.

The Kinetic Organisation

The Kinetic Organisation - motion instead of hierarchy

Andrew Mawson of AWA sets out his blueprint for new organisational design.  The ideas are based on a study with industry leaders on the faults of traditional structures and organisational needs for the future.  It's about agility, adaptability and delivering organisations that are more effective, energetic and efficient.

Homeworker at Plantronics

Quo vadis Smarter Working?- A new work dynamic

Guest author Philip Vanhoutte reflects on how Smarter Working has progressed at Plantronics and what the future holds for companies travelling down the Smart Working road.  A new work dynamic is needed, as it's is more about smarter people than technology

Leesman index

What makes a modern workplace?

Tim Oldman, of the Leesman Index, takes a personal look at new trends in the workplace, and how to align property and working environments with new working practices.

Smart work collaborative breakout meeting Smart Working - evolution rather than revolution

Our guest writer, organisational development specialist Naomi Stanford, puts the case that Smart Working isn't so new.  It's more a case of building on best organisational practice.  So stressing too much its 'newness' risks alientaion and resistance.


Government Homeworking during the Olympics shock!

The UK government is encouraging civil servants to work from home during the Olympic period. And , according to the Times, this is a recipe for shirking and business leaders are 'dismayed'.  We set the story straight, and provide our own guide for businesses looking to prepare for the Olympic period

Is your organisation ready for Future Work?

Here's a great new book to take forward management thinking and help organisations adapt and thrive in the new world of work. It's about working smarter and focusing on results - with lots of evidence, sharp insight and a radical approach

Evolving Workforce - rapid change but no tipping point

A report from Dell and Intel provides expert insight into IT-fuelled changes to the workforce. And it takes a look at the barriers too.  More crowdsourcing, employee-led innovation and fruitful tension between generations. But there are still a lot of barriers

The Future of Working: Dateline 2036

We report on a survey of employees on how work will be in 2036. An end to the 9-5, more homeworking, and a constant need to update skills.  And some worries about being disconnected, with an end to office parties and work-based romance

Long hours increase heart disease risk by 60%
A new study tracking 6000 workers has found a link between working long hours and heart disease.

Flexible working is good for your health and wellbeing
Flexible working tends to have positive health effects, according to a review of medical studies by researchers at the Cochrane Library.  It's choice and control that make the difference.

Long distance commuters more likely to leave job
Commuting distances have an impact on both staff loyalty, and their attitudes to working flexibly. Research commissioned by flexible officing specialists Regus has found a correlation between staff considering leaving their employers and the length of their commute journey. Our own survey evidence supports this too.

Flexible Work is better work, say Equality leaders
The Equality and Human Rights Commission have produced a new guide to flexible work, Working Better: A managers’ guide to Flexible Working. The Equality Commission is a strong supporter of flexible working, believing that flexibility is key to achieving equal opportunities and greater fairness in the workplace. And it is also, according to the guide, better for business.

Flex yourself out of recession
Most organisations are looking closely at what they do and the resources they use. Cutting costs and improving productivity to make leaner organisations are the order of the day. How can flexible working help? We offer suitably flexible solutions.

Continuity in adversity - beyond swine flu to business continuity
For many companies and public sector organisations, unforeseen events can have a catastrophic impact.  In fact in the UK, even well-predicted events - like a light snow flurry - can bring work to a standstill. These are the kind of event that have a big impact on mobility, and stop employees getting to work.  How does your company react?

Management 2018 - managing in a flexible, wired and creative world
More flexible working, self-employment, virtual organisations, blurred boundaries, work-life integration, diversity in the workforce, creativity, playfulness in the workplace and routine management tasks assigned to sophisticated software robots – that’s what managers should expect in ten years time.

April 2013


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