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Flexible work location

Home. Mobile. Workhubs.  Working beyond the office.



Articles in this section:

How many homeworkers in the UK? - Latest data
New analysis from the Labour Force Survey confirms the continuing rise of homeworking in the UK.
We get behind the numbers and the regional variations to look at the trends and their implications.
And it could be good news for the 'entrepreneurial revolution'

Workhubs - Flexible space in the low carbon economy
Touch down. Log in. Work on. A new type of work space has been quietly emerging over the past few years - the Workhub. Pitched in the gap between the 'Starbucks office' and serviced offices, they provide low-cost desks and meeting/collaboration space that can be hired by the hour, as well as a range of other services for home-based businesses and mobile workers

Can homeworking save the planet?
Top think-tank says: more than most people think.  A high level line-up of public policy makers, practitioners and academics present leading-edge ideas and analysis about the role of homeworking in a future sustainable world.

The OfficePod - bringing the office home
There are many choices when it comes to buying a home or garden office.  But now there's a slick new alternative - the OfficePod. The OfficePOD is a ready-made modern office, and is packaged as a complete outsourcing solution for employers

Tomorrow's Property Today - is live/work space the future?
Working from home is becoming increasingly common. But are we designing homes in the right way for it?  One approach is the growing phenomenon of 'Live/Work' space - properties designed as both residential and business premises.  We focus on a government-backed report written in association with the Royal town Planning Institute.

Home is where the start-up is
Much of the attention on working from home focuses on employees. Switching from the office to working from home attracts attention as a dramatic change to working practices. Yet two-thirds of the people working from home are self-employed or running a home-based business. This study, The Home Business Report, puts the spotlight on home-based enterprise and their value to the economy and society.

Home alone? Assessing and overcoming the dangers of isolation
Fear of isolation is one of most commonly expressed concerns about remote working.  Here we offer a reality check on those fears, and how to overcome problems when they do arise.

Working 24/7 - How to claim back some work-life balance
Remember the days when work was 9-5, shops closed on Sundays, and blackberries were a seasonal fruit? Times have changed. With new technologies and working practices, working time can now be anywhere and anytime.  Here we offer advice and techniques to avoid brining the long hours culture home.

Home Office, Garden Office - The business benefits of moving the office home
The market for purpose built garden offices is a growing one. In principle they offer cost reductions compared to renting an office, and still provide a dedicated space for doing serious business. But how do they work out in practice?  To find out, Flexibility visited independent film producer Andy Taplin, who has moved his company Peninsula Films to a location around 20 yards from his back door.






What is meant by "Flexible Location" ?

Described as location independent working, teleworking, telecommuting, home working, anywhere/anytime working, remote working and many more - what it is all about is working in the most suitable location for the task in hand.

Historically, some work has always been carried out "off site". But the rise of the new information and communications technologies has added a new dimension to the locational options for employment.

Flexible Location - includes:

  • working on the move
  • working from home
  • working from local 'workhubs' and satellite offices

The drivers for carrying out work on a more distributed basis include:

  • enabling workers to be more productive
  • reducing property costs
  • bringing staff and resources closer to the customer
  • reducing unnecessary travel
  • streamlining business processes.








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