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How to buy a Live/Work Home

New service for buyers and sellers of live/work properties

One of the most interesting areas of the property market is the Live/Work sector - properties that are specifically designed as both homes and workplaces.

All kinds of people are looking for accommodation like this, for example if they are:

  • starting a business
  • looking to move beyond simple homeworking
  • looking for an office or studio but can't really afford two separate premises
  • in need of a dedicated, more professional workspace rather than the typical home office (or kitchen table!)
  • an older person "downshifting" but looking to realise the big business idea that's been on the back burner for years.

But where can you find the live/work space?

Since it started, the Live/Work Network has been informally fielding enquiries from people seeking live/work homes.  Now it has set up an online service to advertise live/work properties across the country.

Due for its official launch in November, it already has the first small wave of properties available online.

Save money, save time, save the planet!

The website also has articles about the benefits of live/work - about saving time, saving money, and saving the planet.  And there's a witty blog provided by live/working author Max Comfort.

And there are also a series of practical articles covering issues such as how to find a mortgage for live/work property, assessing the products of the major lenders.

So if you're thinking of going down the live/work route, why not check it out?


Further information is a website that "does what it says on the tin".

It provides an online service where homeowners and developers can advertise their live/work properties to potential buyers.

Flexibility is delighted to welcome this very practical response to the UK's changing property marketing that recognises the impact of new ways of living and working.



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