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Enter the OfficePod

A corporate alternative to the desk in the office

There are many choices when it comes to buying a home or garden office.  But now there's a slick new alternative - the OfficePod. The OfficePOD is a ready-made modern office, and is packaged as a complete outsourcing solution for employers.

Businesses and employers can provide their employees with a state of the art work-from-home facility, which comes with a full service contract for only £5,000 a year per employee.

For a central London employee, that represents a potential £9k per year saving in office costs.  At the same time, the employer can ensure that the home office environment is set up to a professional standard.

Installations are expected to start early next year.

A practical approach to achieving the benefits

Along with the cost savings corporate deployment of OfficePods can enable the employee to realise all the environmental and productivity benefits of home-based working.

It also benefits businesses by attracting and allowing it to retain its best staff even if they work away from a traditional and fixed office location. In return the employee reduces commuting hours and has the ability to separate work while working from home.

According to an OfficePOD spokesperson: “In these times of looking for solutions which offer cost-effective savings for employers but without losing productivity or good staff, the OfficePD answers all the questions for the worker and the employer.”

"For people who are constantly out of the office, travelling or simply need that extra space to work from home, who don't have a lot of time or money to invest in their home businesses, the OfficePod is a revolutionary way of gaining that additional functional room.”

Unlike the normal at home working environment, often full of distractions, the OfficePOD creates a working space that can be removed from existing home or living space, creating a peaceful environment without the usual at-home distractions.

At Flexibility we've seen the range of homeworking solutions, and we admire this one for its quality and the original approach in linking it to reduction of corporate office space.  Further details are available at www.officepod.co.uk.



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