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Flexible Offices

Innovation, issues and trends in modern office design for flexible working

How does the office need to change in the context of flexible working and new collaboration technologies?

In this section we highlight creative approaches to office design and use. We also look at the opportunities for reduction of office costs. And we provide guidance on how to find out if your property costs are excessive, and how changing work practices can lead to both improved productivity and cost reduction.

Flexibility articles

Workhubs - the new smart low carbon workspace
A new government-backed report looks at the new wave of flexible third-party workspace

The OfficePod - bringing the office home
There are many choices when it comes to buying a home or garden office.  But now there's a slick new alternative - the OfficePod. The OfficePOD is a ready-made modern office, and is packaged as a complete outsourcing solution for employers

Shrinking the office
For many employers, one of the most sought-for benefits of flexible working is to create the potential to reduce office costs.  But moving from aspiration to implementation can be tricky.  How do you know what can be achieved, what are the steps you need to take to maximise the benefits and how do you get everyone to buy into the process?

Sharing space - the final frontier?
Desk sharing - often characterised or caricatured as "hotdesking" - is often a concept too far for people who otherwise want more flexibility.  As they say in Switzerland, "Love your neighbour - but don't tear down the fences yet".
Here we look at the arguments for desk sharing in the context of flexible work, and how to get it right.






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