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The time to hesitate is through ...

2013 - the year to take action

At the start of a New Year we always take a look forward to what will happen in the year ahead - and, more to the point, what we intend to do.

What is your resolution for smart working in the year ahead?

The time for debating whether to move to smart working is past. The question now is how to do it - and do so in ways that will bring the greatest benefits.

These benefits are now well known:

  • Enabling staff to work more flexibly: getting closer to customers and reducing the costs of continually returning to base
  • Reducing the costs of the office: by eliminating under-used space and eliminating or reducing paper processes
  • Making offices the place for collaboration, rather than having everyone in rows of desks doing work that can take place elsewhere
  • Improving environmental performance, through having a reduced office base, reduced travelling and reduced resource use
  • Securing employee loyalty by enabling them to make mature chocies about their work and about balancing work and their other needs and apsirations in life.

The trends driving these changes are not going to go away.

In particular, the technological changes towards smaller, more portable and more powerful devices and towards unified communications are only going to increase the capacity and the options for working smarter.

Some companies and public sector organisations have been taking their time weighing up the pros and cons.  The old ways of working provide a cultural comfort zone that can make some leaders reluctant to change.

But every day working in the old ways is a day when work is more costly and inefficient than it should be - the cost of hesitating is high.

So the resolution for 2013 needs to be - take action to move forward into smarter working.

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January 2013

Taking forward Smart Flexibility

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