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Welcome to Flexibility.co.uk

Our mission

Flexibility.co.uk is the leading provider of news, views and resources about flexible working.

Founded in 1993 - initially as a paper publication - our mission has been to spread awareness of flexible working and the changing world of work, and the impacts of these changes on business, society and the environment.

As befits our commitment to innovation, we were one of the first business journals to go online in 1997, and we aim to keep pushing the boundaries in our approach to providing information and resources.

You'll find in these pages articles about the main kinds of flexible work options - flexible time, flexible place, and flexible contract, and about the changes to working culture, technologies and offices needed to support them.

But Flexibility was also established with a wider view, to research and provide insight into the wider impacts of these changes.  So in our Issues section you'll find articles about how smarter working practices make an impact on society and on the environment.

We also hope to make a contribution to public policy - so you'll find a range of articles, 'think pieces' and advocacy documents setting out our approach to how we think public policy should be responding to the new world of work and its wider impacts.

So, we invite you to take a good look through our web journal, and sign up for our news updates.  And join us at one of our events too.  If you want to find out more about us, our history and our range of activities, check out the About Us pages.

Happy reading, and hope to hear from you or meet up with you soon


Andy Lake
Editor, Flexibility.co.uk


January 2012

Flexibility Editor

Andy Lake is the Editor of Flexibility. He has edited Flexibility since 1994, and has written and presented extensively on the subject of flexible work, as well as leading numerous research projects.

Andy's background includes working with many companies in implementing flexible working schemes.





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