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Houses of Parliament

OK Legislators - time to enter the 21st Century!

Government Ministers are keen to see Civil Servants adopt Smart Working. So how about the politicians too?
In this 'physician, heal thyself' article we call on our legislators to skip out the 20th century and jump straight from the 19th to the 21st century. Time to dump their archaic and ineffective working practices!

Regus Express Beaconsfield

Regus worldwide Third Place roll-out 

One of the kmost important workspace trends is the continued rise of "3rd place" working, or "business space as needed". The emphasis is on touching down to use space when you need to, more than renting space for a set period of time. In this interview with Phil Kemp, we find out why Regus is rolling out Third Place Regus Express centres globally.


Changing the way government works in the UK

Flexibility.co.uk has produced new guidance for the UK Civil Service on Smart Working. Based on our Smart Working Handbook, it sets out the principles and techniques for modernising working practices in central government. Commissioned by the Cabinet Office, it includes case studies of innovative practice as departments embrace Smart Working.

Smart Working Maturity Model

Benchmark your progress in Smart Working

Check out Flexibility.co.uk's Smart Working Maturity Model to measure your progress in Smart Working (or Agile/Flexible Working - works for all!). This tool helps you to see where your organisation is in Smart Working, where it could be, and what needs to be in place to make the difference.

Future of work

Are we ready for the future of work and its impacts?

The way work is changing has impacts not only on organisations but right across society. Are we ready for it, or still planning for the industrial age?
A new report and conference looks at the impacts, what to prepare for and how to try to reap the benefits.

Smarter Working Manifesto

Smarter Working Manifesto spells out the way to go

The Smarter Working Manifesto combines advocacy for smart working with a practical apporach based on years of experience from the authors. It sets out the changes needed to workplace, technologies, behaviours, and advises on 'acoustic intelligence' and new freelancing styles of corporate work. 

Homeless working

From homeworking to homeless working

Andy Lake reflects on the experience of not just being able to work anywhere, but having to when life throws up the unexpected.
This is about using smart working on both a planned and unplanned basis. Are the technologies we use really up to 'working anywhere?

Panel Session at the Emirates Festival of Literature

Flexibility at the Emirates Festival of Literature

Andy Lake was at the Emirates Festival of Literature with his management book Smart Flexibility.
Here he reflects on the experience, and looks at the potential for flexible working in the Middle East. It seems there  is a growing appetite for flexible working in the region.

Blindfold touch typing

Save 20 minutes a day and cut errors by touch typing

Once upon a time typists were taught to type. It was a specialist skill. Now, we are all expected to have typing skills - yet few get any training. Possibly the most effective measure an organisaiton can take to boost productivity is to teach everyone to touch-type. A key Information Age skill comes centre stage.

Energy levels at work

Keeping employees energised and productive

There's science behind understanding how performance fluctuates when employees work all day with technology. Here we look at a way to not only monitor but also boost performance, based on knowing when to take a pit stop - and intelligent software that provides the support to do it.

Smart work collaborative breakout meeting

Rethinking meetings - make time to be productive

Andy Lake takes a look at how we can rethink meetings. It's not just about using new tools and spaces - before we do that, we need to break down what we do in meetings. Here's a method to challenge assumptions and do things differently - and set targets for overcoming the meetings culture.

Dangerous laptop and table

Smart Working - is it good for you? Wellbeing and risk

Any changes to work working practices raise fears about the unfamiliar. Smart Working is no exception. People can worry about the ergonomic impacts of sharing space in the office, and working outside the office. And of being home alone, disconnected, and tripping over wires. We put the risks in context.

Smart Flexibility book cover

How to move Smart Work from Theory to Practice

This new management book encapsulates the practical experience, insight and research of Flexibility.co.uk.  Andy Lake spells out a strategic, integrated and evidence-based approach to delivering benefits for the business, the individual, the environment and for 'smarter' government.

Watercooler moments - serendipity

Overegging the Serendipity - time to get real

Lately there has been a rash of articles extolling the virtues of having everyone working in the same place, and creating work spaces that engineer innovaiton through chance meetings and water-cooler moments. And they are being used as a way to resist working smarter. Here is the backlash against the backlash.

Smart Worker at Wokingham Borough Council

Smart Working at Wokingham Council

Wokingham Borough Council has a dynamic and can-do attitude to implementing Smart Working. They have moved ahead with their own solution, developing a new working culture, working flexibly across locations and achieving a 2:1 desk-sharing ratio. A case study of a smaller council leading the way.

Wordcloud for Flexible Working terms

This new kind of working - what should we call it?

What's in a name? This extract taken from Smart Flexibility looks at the pros and cons of terms such as flexible working, smart working, agile working and all the rest.

Ergonmics posture diagram

Mobile working - do adjust your set-up

With smaller and more portable devices, it's time to rethink the ergonomics of tackling different tasks Guest author Hugo Bos sets out the issues and some of the key solutions for increasing comfort and efficiency, wherever you or your employees work.

Woman reluctant to change

A positive way to pre-empt resistance to change

In the second part of our mini-series on dealing with resistance to change, Andy Lake proposes 10 practical steps to take positive control of influencing culture and behaviours in a Smart Working implementation programme.

e-Work e-learning for Smart Working

Case Study on e-Learning for Smart Working

e-Learning is a natural fit for organisations making the change to Smart Working.  Plantronics have found it the ideal way to support staff making the transition to new ways of working. Working with e-Work.com, they were able to develop a customised solution reflecting their brand and aspirations.

Want a fight? - Resistance to change

Ten things I hate about change ...

Changes to working practices and working culture always provoke some resistance.  And as Smart and Flexible Working involve changes to workplaces, technologies and behaviours, there is always a risk of hitting a nerve. Here we take a look at ten of the most common reasons given, and how to deal with them .

Aberdeenshire Worksmart office

Working Smarter at Aberdeenshire Council

Aberdeenshire Council's Worksmart and WorkSPACE programmes are attracting a lot of attention from councils around the UK - a great example of moving ahead with modern working practices and getting staff on board with the new workstyles.

A smarter approach to economic growth

The debate on economic recovery is stuck in a rut - cuts versus borrowing.  But the key issue is about change: how to adapt to the new world that is being born as the old one fades painfully away.  Here's our Flexibility Nine Point Plan to boost smarter growth.

Help to make Smart Working Work for you

We're increasingly being asked to provide help and guidance to organisations getting underway with Smart or Flexible Working, write about or research the issues.

So now we've clarified what we can offer by way of Flexibility Expertise.

Blog: Telework in Iran - new regulations and support form the very top   

How many homeworkers in the UK? - Latest data

Coalition programme proposes flexibility for all

Flexible working is good for your health and wellbeing

Government Workplace 2020 - virtual and flexible, and much less property

Measure your company's flexibility with the FlexiGrid!

How much property and can you save by working smarter?

"Honey I shrunk the office!" How to make smarter use of your space

Download our Smart Work Handbook

Flexibility.co.uk has produced a practical summary guide to Smart Working.

The Smart Working Handbook aims to provide clear guidance on an integrated approach to Smart Working.  It takes in the key disciplines of People, Property and Technology within an end-to-end framework from Vision through to Implementation.

See more


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