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Work-Life Balance

Flexible ways to balance work and the rest of life

Work-life balance has become one of the top items on the agenda of many large organisations - and a top priority for workers everywhere.

In this section we look at the contribution flexible working - in all its forms - can make to achieving more balanced lives.

Recent articles on work-life balance:

Study shows flexible work good for health

A study of a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) by researchers at the University of Minnesota has found a strong link between new working practices and improved health.


Aiming for Work-Life Balance in Hong Kong - How to drive cultural change
We report on a great new resource from Hong Kong - a guide on how to drive cultural change for achieving work-life balance.  A fascinating insight into flexible working in the city that epitomises where East meets West.

Nick Clegg announces flexible parenting leave
New paternity leave arrangements are coming in in April this year.  And now, to the dismay of some of the employers' organisations, further changes are being proposed to come in for 2015.

Balancing work and the rest of life - the role of flexible working
This article - originally written for a bank's in-house publication - explores how flexible working can provide you with the key ingredient for work-life balance: giving you back control of your life. So long as you remember that you are in control, that is ...

Flexible work good for families - not least Dads, says UK Department for Business
Over the past few years, the government has taken a leading role in supporting parents and carers at work. The ‘right to request’ flexible working, and new paternity, maternity and parental leave options have been introduced to support parents at work including fathers. It’s good for families, good for equality – and good for business too.

The Minister's view
In this article Pat McFadden, former Minister for Employment Relations, sets out the reasons why the government favours flexible working, and is extending the ‘right to request’ flexible working to more people

Home alone?  Assessing and overcoming the dangers of isolation
It's the question every homeworker is asked - don't you feel isolated? We look at how to stay connected - and who you want to be connected to

Working 24/7 How to claim back some work-life balance
Got that 3 a.m. urgent email from a colleague? It's bad news if you're up to send a quick reply.  Tune in, but don't forget to turn off ...

A right to request flexible work for job candidates?
Work and Pensions Secretary Yvette Cooper has called for more part-time working jobs to be available for working parents.

Balancing work and the rest of life
The role of flexible working in creating work-life balance.

10 million parents now have 'right to request' flexible working
The long-awaited extension to the flexible working regulations came into force in April 2009.  Now in the UK around a third of the workforce have the right to request flexible working - and their bosses should not unreasonably refuse requests

Requesting flexible work - how do I do it?
A basic guide to asking your employer to change to a flexible working pattern

Being 'CEO of Me' - Knowing your Flexstyle
Review of a very insightful book by Ellen Kossek and Brenda Lautsch. The authors analyse different models for balancing lives and understanding which one fits best.












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