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Flexible work and public policy

How policy needs to adapt to the new realities

Working in different times, in different places, and in different organisational and career structures is having a profound impact on our society.  But many of the assumptions underlying the policies that govern our society matured in an industrial age that rigidly separated home and work.

In this section of Flexibility we have articles reflecting the leading thinking about how policies need to change in areas such as economic development, land use planning, housing, infrastructure and social inclusion.

And we also have features showing how new thinking is shaping up amongst the  politicians who have the power to make a difference.

Articles in this section

A smarter approach to economic growth

The debate on economic recovery is stuck in a rut - cuts versus borrowing.  But the key issue is about change: how to adapt to the new world that is being born as the old one fades painfully away.  Here's our Flexibility Nine Point Plan to boost smarter growth.

21 Hours - the new debate on a shorter working week

The New Economics Forum is kicking off a national debate about making the transition to a shorter working week - to distribute work more fairly, save the planet and ensure that unpaid work has higher value. A high profile debate at the London School of Economics set the ball rolling.


Obama to develop flexible working
Barack Obama has given the clearest endorsement to date by any world leader of the value of flexible working.  And his administration is going to lead by example in implementing flexibility

A kind of vision for Digital Britain
We critique the UK government's surprisingly enterprise-free vision for the future digital infrastructure of Britain.

Under the Radar - Tracking and Supporting Rural Home-based Business
How do people earn a living in rural areas, now that only 4% of the rural population work in agriculture? The focus of this report from the Commission for Rural Communities, Under the Radar, is on home-based businesses which form a potentially dynamic but unsung Cinderella sector creating wealth and employment in rural areas.



More policy-related articles

Can Homeworking Save the Planet?
Think-Tank report spells out the role of homeworking in developing a low carbon economy, and how policies need to change to maximise the benefits

Tomorrow's Property Today
We take a look at a pioneering report, produced with the support of the Royal Town Planning Institute, into the growth of Live/Work property and the implications for public policy - especially in the field of spatial planning.

Why we promote flexible working - by UK Department for Business
Over the past few years, the government has taken a leading role in supporting parents and carers at work. Its good for families, good for equality and good for business too, says the government.





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