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Flexible Work, ICT & Sustainability

Flexible work and the environment

At Flexibility we have a long tradition of looking at Flexible Work not only in relation to working life, but also in terms of its wider impacts for society and for the environment. 

Here we are pulling together resources on the wider impact of new ways of working, and the possibilities for a more sustainable way of life built upon the more equitable use of time and resources. 

Articles in this section explore:

  • new ways of working and reduced energy consumption

  • revitalising local services for sustainable communities

  • reducing waste

  • the potential for "transport substitution" through use of the new Information Age technologies

  • how businesses and policy-makers should react

There's a lot of unanswered questions, but also lot of good work going on out there. We'll report on what is happening, and you can help by keeping us informed of initiatives you are involved in or know about.

Articles in this section:

Can homeworking save the planet?
Groundbreaking think thank report from the Smith Institute.  Papers from a range of luminaries conclude that we need to plan for much greater integration of homes and workspaces if we are going to meet carbon reduction targets

ICT and Sustainability
A Flexibility Briefing Paper

A sustainable Information Society
The view from the European Commission

Can the knowledge economy help to combat climate change? 
Review of EC backed study looking at the impacts of the new technologies on energy consumptions and pollutant emissions.

See also the Travel Substitution resources



Download the report

To download the report in pdf form click the link below:

Can Homeworking Save the Planet?





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