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...to useful resources in the world of flexible working

The following links lead to other flexible working sites on the World Wide Web. It is by no means complete.
We will be building this up as a resource over the coming months and years. We greatly welcome suggestions for new links. Just email the editor.

Please note: we get at least 50 emails a week seeking or offering irrelevant links. These are discarded without acknowledgement. Also, emails sent from gmail, hotmail or similar web addresses are are filtered out as spam.

Link Classifications

Updated October 2012

Featured Links 

Flexibleworks.co.uk Flexible working jobs board published in partnership with Working Families, bringing you  part time and flexible jobs opportunties.
Timewise jobs Part time jobs for people with skills and experience
Workingmums Flexible working jobs and community site for working mums and their employers
Workshifting Workshifting.com, from Citrix online, features tips, reviews and opinions about the world of Web commuting
Smarter Working Evolution Evolve is a lively and insightful website from Plantronics covering everything to do with the evolution of working practices and the workplace
Workhubs A new workhubs sector is emerging to service the needs of this market. The aim of the Workhubs Network is to connect up this sector, helping people to find a workhub they can use and also helping workhub operators to gain valuable ideas from each other.

Flexible Working specialists

HOP Associates - Specialists in implementing new ways of working, and research into the impacts of new technologies on work and society

Swiftwork - Specialists in modernising work practices helping to make organisations fit to thrive in the 21st century

Basis - Basis are consultants working mainly with the public sector focusing on the people issues and training for smart/flexible working

Flexpaths - FlexPaths partners with employers to achieve their business objectives and respond to changing workforce and workplace needs by delivering innovative software solutions and services that initiate, enhance or advance a flexible culture

Multitime - Know where your flexible workers are with flexible rostering software 

Flexible Recruitment

Working Mums run a jobs-board for working parents with an emphasis on connecting them with employers who offer flexible working conditions

Capability Jane - Capability Jane runs the largest network of mid to senior female returning professionals in London and South East of England

Women Like Us - brings women and employers together with flexible work, specialising in part-time work

Remote Employment - Website for flexible jobs working from home and home business opportunities

Work Clever - Work Clever specialises in flexible working solutions for both candidate and employer and helps organisations to benefit from the many efficiencies associated with recruiting new, permanent employees more flexibly

Workpond - Launched in November 2011, Workpond is an online marketplace for temporary professional work

Work for mums - Work For Mums offers opportunities and jobs for mums and dads looking to work from home, start their own business or find flexible employment. Articles, business tips and resources to help you achieve the perfect work/life balance. 

A note on job sites:

Most of the regular jobs board list flexible working jobs, but these can be hard to find compared to the those on the specialist websites listed above.

Essential tips:

  • Never sign up to a homeworking opportunity that makes you part with money up front!

  • Never sign up for a part-time/homeworking opportunity that promises easy riches.  If it looks too good to be true, it certainly is!

  • Especially dodgy are the ads dotted around apparently harmless websites offering unlikely rewards for working from home. Ignore them!


Innovisions Canada: A wide-ranging and interesting Canadian site with good links

Telework Research Network - The Telework Research Network is a consulting and research organization that specializes in making the business case for workplace flexibility.  They've conducted some great research and have useful resources.

The Telework Coalition - The Telework Coalition is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the growth and success of telework

Telework.gov - US government teleworking site focusing on government departments - with telework manual and reports on US teleworking programmes

Cyberworkers.com - French tele working site

Digital Peninsula Network - an EU funded project to support a cluster of teleworkers in West Cornwall

Fleming Ltd Telework: Contains a very useful set of links with global coverage

Telework Association : The UK Telework Associaiton.

JALA International : The website of Jack Nilles, one of the pioneers of telecommuting in the USA

Home Working

There are a lot of dodgy sites out there promising $3000 dollars an hour for working at home.  If they could earn that kind of money, the only reason they will be telling you is if they want to reel you in and raid your savings.  We don't link to these sites, or any sites that link to them. 

We can't vouch for the advice on any of the sites we link to below, but hope you can find more helpful and realistic advice on them:

Live/Work Network - Promoting the development of Live/Work space - dual use accommodation specifically designed for both business and domestic use

Enterprise Nation provides news, views, article s and research about starting and running a business from home

Homeworking.com  - "This site is for anyone wanting to work at home and anyone already working at home." Contains news, advice, job opportunities and forums for home-based workers

Smarterwork.com - Jobs site for freelancers.  Tenders are posted and you can bid for them

SOHO America - Small Office Home Office association for small home-based businesses

Better Business : A UK newsletter packed with good advice, specifically deigned for the home worker and small businesses

Work-Life Balance

Alliance for Work-Life Progress - WorldatWork’s Alliance for Work-Life Progress advances work-life as part of an integrated total rewards strategy. This alliance defines and acknowledges best practices and innovation, facilitates dialogue, and elevates work-life thought leadership

Work-Life Training and Certification - WorldatWork is the only organisation offering certification as a WLCP, Work-Life Certified Professional. The training is available online.

Managing Work-Life Balance International - Managing Work | Life Balance International is an Australian-based cultural change and work/life consultancy that assists organisations implement and evaluate work/life strategies that are focused on their specific needs and which, over time, help to attract and retain employees.

My Family Care - My Family Care delivers family friendly solutions to companies throughout the UK and beyond.

Families & Work Institute - The Families & Work Institute is an American non-profit organisation that studies the changing workforce, changing workplace, changing family and the changing community

Community Business - Community Business is a Hong Kong membership-based non-profit that aims to inspire businesses to have a positive impact in the community.  they have produced a range of resources on work-life balance.

Working Families : Help on flexible working patterns mainly using work time options like job sharing and addressing social issues in the UK

Age Positive -  The UK Government's campaign to tackle age discrimination and promote the business benefits of age diversity in the workplace.

Employers Forum on Age : The organisation opposing ageism in the workplace  

Equal Employment Opportunities Trust - The EEO Trust provides EEO information and tools to New Zealand employers and raises awareness of diversity issues in the workplace

Offices, Furniture & Facilities

International Workplace Studies Programme, Cornell : Good sense and a holistic view of the world from the USA. It might shake some of your pre-conceptions too!

FlexiSave - How much does your office cost? Not just rent and rates but everything? Total Office Costs calculated online using latest industry data.

Free Office Finder - A resource for all types of office space in London and the UK. Helping you to locate the ideal office to rent - from serviced offices in London, executive suites and light industrial spaces to managed workshops across the UK

Wellworking -  Online home office furniture showroom, offering a good variety of furniture and accessories, as well as useful health and ergonomic advice 

Regus Business Centres : Flexible offices, and a website that often has interesting news items  

Telework-essentials - Company providing high quality furniture and ergonomic solutions to office environments and a portfolio of products specifically chosen for corporate homeworkers.


Plantronics - Providers of quality headsets and unified communications solutions

Citrix Online - Provides easy-to-use cloud-based solution that enable people to work from anywhere, such as GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToMyPC and GoToAssist.

Exactive - Exactive provides Unified Communications Solutions across the UK and offers an award winning UC Managed Service.

Ergonomics, Health & Safety

Osmond Ergonomics - Osmond is the UK's most innovative supplier of products and services to improve workplace wellbeing and productivity

Efficiency Software - A range of software to improve the experience of working and help employees work more efficiently

BakkerElkhuizen - Specialist in designing ergonomic solutions for computer workstations with a wide range of award-winning products

Compliance and Safety Training - Ergonomics safety training videos for office settings, industrial settings, and laboratory work environments

HSE Health and Safety for Homeworking

Visual-Q - Intranet or web-based health and safety training programmes that automate many of the time-consuming aspects of complying with regulations and contribute to improving employee welfare; ergonomics services and products

Traffic Reduction

Virtual Mobility - Comprehensive website based on UK Department for Transport research project

Telecommunications and Travel Research Program: Important list of resources from the University of California at Davis

..And don't forget the articles in our own Travel Substitution pages


If you provide or know of other useful sites on the web, why not e-mail us, and we'll add them to our list.



December 2013


It was there yesterday!

We're kept on our toes in the Links department by sites that are here today, gone tomorrow.  Not like in the real world - you wouldn't find Harrods or Fortnum & Mason changing their name and disappearing round the corner so no one can find them, so why do so many good websites do this? Especially public sector ones, forever changing their names and not providing forwarding addresses ... good to know the tax money is being spent wisely.

We've just done a complete check and update and had a big purge of old sites, redundant links and sites that have accrued dodgy ads.

So the list has shrunk a bit, but there's some good new additions especially in the recruitment and work-life balance sections.

Thanks to those of you who have pointed out moving links and suggested new sites. Keep them coming and we'll try to keep on top of these moving targets to provide a great list of helpful resources!


Our Links Policy

We're happy to link to reputable websites that offer resources to do with the world of flexible working - information, research, news, products and services.

We reserve the right not to link to anyone we choose, but are likely to say 'Yes' to bona fide websites.

However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on any website we link to, nor the quality of any goods or services they may offer or promote.  Any information acted on is entirely at the risk of the user.

We will not link to any site that carries information that we think is misleading, potentially offensive or designed to entice readers into unwise or fraudulent commitments, or that advertises or links to other sites that do so. 

And we don't do reciprocal links with off-topic websites, directories, link farms etc, so please don't contact us asking us to link to sites unrelated to flexible working.

Our decision is final in choosing the websites we link to.


If you provide or know of other useful sites on the web, why not e-mail us, and we'll add them to our list.

These listings are free. If you want a more high profile advert, please click here and contact us





































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