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Being Smart about Flexibility – and how to put it into practice

Is your organisation wrestling with how to implement “hybrid working” as they approach an end to the lockdown? If so, it’s worth noting that most of the issues are not new. Working in multiple locations has been around for many years, and is integral to Smart Working.

Many organisations who have been on this journey have used Smart Flexibility: Moving Smart and Flexible Working from Theory to Practice as the “bible” for their implementation. Those who did so before the pandemic found the transition to distributed working much smoother than those that hastily improvised.

Smart Flexibility sets out the wider context for change and the business drivers, and then takes the reader through the journey from creating the business case through to implementation across the functions of People, Places and Technology.

There are also special chapters on Managing the Anywhere Anytime Team, Developing a Smart Flexibility Culture, Smart Working and Productivity, Smart Working and Sustainability, and Smarter Working for Government.

The approach is all about transformation, not just shifting the location of work. It’s about making work more productive as well as greatly improving the work experience for employees and delivering wider benefits for the environment and society.

Focus on benefits and how to achieve them

There’s a focus throughout the book on the need to target specific benefits and adopt a strategic approach. So many organisations have improvised solutions during the pandemic – now is the time to get strategic about change.

It’s the focus on improvement and transformation that distinguishes the Smart Flexibility approach from routine “return to the office” hybrid working. It’s not just about doing work in different places – it’s about using the opportunity provided by new technologies and redesigned spaces to transform work, improving the quality of work and of the work experience.

The book is available as hardback or ebook from the publishers, Routledge. Or you can order a hardback copy at the greatly discounted price of £40 here on the Flexibility website.