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Get in touch welcomes contact about issues and initiatives in the world of smart/flexible/agile working and business innovation.

However, do look at the ‘further information’ panel about the relevance of contact.

We like especially to hear about new research, new implementations and new practices in the field.

And of course if you are looking for support to take forward Smart Working, please do get in touch.

Speaking at events

If you would like Andy Lake to speak at an event, please note that this is always done on a paid basis.

If you are thinking of asking anyone to provide insight and knowledge transfer for free, please take a look at this video first. Harland Ellison puts it stronger than we would – but it’s very much the point.

Further information

We receive a large number of emails every week about advertising and guest articles. Any email contact with a non-business email address (hotmail, gmail, etc) is filtered into junk mail and will not receive a reply. We do carry guest articles from thought leaders and innovators, but are not looking for general marketing copy from "content providers", or advertorials with links to vendors etc. We receive too many of these requests for us to be able to reply, so please don't persist.