A selection of events on work and workplace change

Involved in workplace change or looking to understand more about smart working?

The following events will help you take forward your ideas. Smart Work Network events are run by Other events are run by other companies, and the links will take you to their website or registration process.

The Smart Work Network is a network for organisations of 100+ employees that are implementing smart/agile/flexible work. Find out more at


European Smart Work Network Open Meeting
– both members and non-members welcome

Thought-leadership and practical guidance on making work human-centric, dynamic, energising – and manageable. With Nigel Oseland, speaking about his new book Beyond the Workplace Zoo and how to create a high-performing human-centric office, Martine de Vaan on best practice for walking meetings, productivity and wellbeing, and Kirk Laker on implementing a booking and resource management system in a local authority.
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Workplace Trends Annual Research Summit

This annual event from the Workplace Trends group always has plenty of new ideas to set you thinking about innovative approaches to workplace change and new ways of working.
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