Links useful resources in the world of Smart Working

Here we provide links to useful resources around the web to take forward your thinking and progress in Smart Working.

We will keep this list small and select. Do contact us if you have a genuinely useful suggestion, but we don’t go in for link exchanges just for the sake of it. (We get dozens of non-relevant contacts every month, and we don’t have time to respond to these.)

Note: has no control over the content on the websites linked below, and accepts no responsibility for their content.

Smart Work Network

The Smart Work Network is a peer collaboration network for people in organisations of more than 100 employees that are implementing Smart Working. It’s run by The UK Network has been running since 2007, with a European counterpart launched in 2020. Why not join if you’re implementing a smart/agile working programme?

Workplace Insight

One of the best sources for news and insights about the evolving workplace. See also their thought-leading Work & Place magazine, which describes itself as  a global resource for people with a professional interest in the intersection of work with digital, cultural and physical space

Global Workplace Analytics

California-based Global Workplace Analytics have been at the forefront of research into new ways of working for more than a decade, and produced many highly influential reports into the impacts for business and society.

Work in Mind

Work in Mind has a strong focus on healthy buildings and wellbeing, and carries a lot of content on new ways of working

WM People

WM People specialises in flexible recruitment through its brands, and (for older workers). They promote inclusion and diversity, advising employers, conducting research and running an annual Top Employers Award. Their websites also contain much useful content.


Allwork.Space is an online publication dedicated to the future of work that carries a wealth of information about the changing world of work. It has a particular, but not exclusive, focus on coworking and third-party flexspace.

Supporters of the Smart Working Handbook

CMI Workplace

Specialist workplace design company with a long track record in designing smart/agile workplaces for major companies – and a long-time supporter of


Part of the Saint-Gobain group, Ecophon is a global supplier of acoustic ceiling and wall systems that contribute to good room acoustics and support a healthy indoor environment. They also carry out pioneering research in workplace acoustics that is very relevant to Smart Working. Ecophon also supports the Smart Work Network.


Poly – the merged Plantronics and Polycom – produces high spec audio and video products for 21st century ways of working and workplaces. Poly has been a supporter of in numerous events, research and publications, and has its own smarter working story to tell.

Workplace Manager

Workplace Manager is a cloud-based service that helps employers create and manage safe, flexible and efficient offices, incorporating environmental monitoring, space booking and occupancy monitoring.


“It’s time for the nature of work to be working with nature,” say Ozadi. Ozadi is all about healthy working nd integrating work with nature. one of the co-founders, Philip Vanhoutte, is our collaborator in the European Smart Work Network.

Workplace Trends

Workplace Trends run some of the best, friendliest and also most affordable conferences around on (as it says on the tin) … workplace trends. There’s usually a mix of case studies, research, debate, and even sometimes comedy. Always something to learn for those interested in the evolving workplace.

Herman Miller Insight

The Herman Miller Insight Group run informative webinars and other events with a range of knowledgeable in-house and guest speakers. They have a role in sharing Herman Miller Research which provides many useful insights.


Deskmag is a magazine about the new types of work and workspaces, how they look, how they function, how they could be improved and how we work in them. The main focus is on coworking spaces which are home to the new breed of independent workers and small companies. The site has a wide range of statistics and resources.