Smart Working Handbook – 3rd Edition [Download]


FREE Download: The Smart Working Handbook sets out a strategic, comprehensive and integrated approach to flexibility that maximises the benefits for business, individuals and the environment. It’s been adopted or adapted by many organisations as their internal guide to Smart/Agile Working.
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The Smart Working Handbook 3rd edition is the latest iteration of a guide to smart/agile working that has been highly influential for more than a decade. It has been used by organisations across sectors that are looking to implement dynamic and transformational approaches to flexibility.


  1. The Vision
  2. Principles of Smart Working
  3. Targeting Benefits across the Triple Bottom Line
  4. People, Ways of Working and Culture Change
  5. The Smart Extended Workplace
  6. Smart Working in the Virtual Workplace
  7. Smart Working for Wellbeing
  8. Smart Working and Sustainability
  9. The Strategic Approach to Implementation
  10. A Smarter World – now and into the Future

The Handbook includes 5 new case studies of organisations across sectors taking differing approaches, but all showing best practice in different ways.

NOTE: We are still asked sometimes for earlier editions of the Smart Working Handbook, for research purposes. If you are looking for the 2nd edition (2015) or even 1st edition (2011), contact