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A selection of the best from 27 years of Flexibility writing

Flexibility began life in October 1993, as a monthly publication supported by the European Commission and Mercury Communications (remember them?). Its mission was to report on business innovation and the changing world of work, with a particular focus on a number of European teleworking projects. Yes, this is in 1993, when the Internet was still young and the World Wide Web was just a hatchling.

And we were one of the first journals to go online in 1997.

Over this time we’ve been reporting on the ever-evolving world of work. For the most part, we’ve been somewhat ahead of the game in terms of seeing what’s coming over the horizon, the potential impacts for business and society, and how to implement positive change.

So we’ll be posting here a selection of articles from our archives. Some golden oldies, and some more recent ones that we think still have value for those looking to work smarter.

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Article Archive

10 Things I Hate about Change

Rolling out Smart Working involves extensive changes to ways of working, culture, property and technology. And some people are instinctively hostile to change. This is

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