Andy Lake

Background, expertise and publications

About Andy Lake

Background, expertise and publications


Andy Lake is a specialist in the implementation of smart and flexible working.

Andy has edited Flexibility since 1994. He has been involved in dozens of implementations of flexible work, specialising in building the evidence base for change, manager and employee training, benchmarking, and developing organisational policies for smarter working.

Andy is also Founder of the Smart Work Network (, a network of more than 200 larger companies and public sector organisations that collaborate to develop Smart Working.

He is a graduate of Selwyn College Cambridge.

Experience and skills

As a consultant, Andy has over 20 years experience of implementing of smart working, working with large UK organisations and international clients. Lately he has been working extensively with UK central government advising on and supporting the implementation of smart working. He has also run training for overseas governments in Asia and the Middle East.

Andy has run or participated in numerous research projects funded by the UK government, the European Commission, Regional Development Agencies, the Royal Town Planning Institute and private companies, specialising in particular in the impacts of new ways of working on business location, land use and transport.

Through participation in international research projects, publications and requests to present at conferences around the world, Andy has built up a very large network of global contacts in the field of Smart Working. His experience spans the business, government, media and academic sectors.

He has organised numerous conferences and seminars on Smart Working, and is a regular speaker and presenter on the subject.

Implementation projects

Implementation projects over the past six years include:

  • developing an integrated Smart Working strategy
  • running management training and culture change workshops
  • carrying out Smart Working staff surveys
  • carrying out space audits
  • developing business cases
  • evaluating pilots
  • producing internal guidance, awareness-raising materials and policies.

These have been undertaken for a diverse range of organisations across the public, private and third sector including: the European Commission, UK Government Cabinet Office, Department for Business, British Standards Institute, Central Bank of Ireland, Ofcom, Ofgem, Financial Conduct Authority, Electoral Commission, Thales UK, DSTL, AWE plc, EDF Energy, HSBC, O2/Telefonica, EY, Imperial College London, University College London, St Andrew’s University, Westminster University, Versus Arthritis, and numerous local authorities and housing associations.


Apart from his writing in and numerous other publications Andy is the author of numerous notable publications:

The Smart Working Handbook – 2nd edition (2015) [More details and link to download]
Highly acclaimed summary guidance for a strategic and integrated approach to implementing Smart Working

PAS 3000 (2015): Smart Working Code of Practice. Andy was the technical author for British Standards/UK cabinet Office specification for Smart Working, which is substantially based on the Smart Working Handbook. More details…

It’s Work but Not As We Know It (2014) [More details and download]
report supported by Vodafone, Plantronics and Citrix examining the future of work and the implications for business, society and public policy, and launched with support from the Department for Business.

The Way We Work (2014) [download]
Andy was commissioned by the UK Cabinet Office to write this as the official guidance for the Civil Service. It is based on the Smart Working Handbook (2011), the authoritative summary of the essential components of Smart Working, tailored for central government.

Smart Flexibility – Moving Smart & Flexible Working from Theory to Practice (Routledge, 2013 – find out more)
Smart Flexibility is an engaging and practical management book to help organisations implement smart working. Written for managers at the leading edge of change, Smart Flexibility focuses on taking a strategic, comprehensive and integrated approach.

Research studies

Research studies Andy has led or participated in have included:

Workhubs –smart workspace for the low carbon economy (2010) [download pdf]
Study commissioned by Department for Communities & Local Government, Homes & Communities Agency, Commission for Rural Communities, SEEDA and AWM

Can Homeworking Save the Planet? (2009) [download pdf]
Andy was co-editor with Tim Dwelly of think tank report for the Smith Institute, evaluating the carbon impacts of home-based working. He also contributed the chapter ‘Moving work to the people, not the people to work’ on the transport impacts of homeworking and the required policy response.

Tomorrow’s Property Today (2008) [download pdf]
Study commissioned by a consortium of Regional Development Agencies, Royal Town Planning Institute and BT on the impacts of home-based work on planning and economic development policies.

Smart Economic Growth (2006-2009) 
European-funded project looking at how to achieve economic growth at lower environmental cost. Andy was attached expert to the UK partners, SEEDA and Surrey County Council, advising on smart use of space and smart organisations

The impacts of ICT on travel and freight distribution patterns (2002-4)
A comprehensive literature review, report and database for the UK Department for Transport, in collaboration with University of Southampton Transportation Research Group.